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Who’d have thought that the arts of yoga and graffiti would look so beautiful when combined. Soren Buchanan is a Chicago-based yoga instructor who made her profession an art statement by blending it into colorful street murals.

Buchanan shares photos of her in front of street-art works on her Instagram account. The instructor poses in front of large, bright murals, highlighting their illustrative styles through her graceful yoga movements. Geometric shapes, graffiti tags and portraits are the perfect background for Buchanan’s physical artistic expression, with the powerful presence of her body bringing them to life.

Even though she started practicing yoga when moving to Chicago in 2009, her passion for street-art emerged when she went to college in Florida. “I began noticing, photographing and jumping fences to get to street art and graffiti. I knew I needed to adapt and create my own warmth. Yoga was the answer,” she tells the Instagram blog.

“I hope to bring attention to artists who, other than on the streets, might have limited venues showcasing their art and sharing their styles.” Apart from wanting to showcase the intriguing work of various street artists, Buchanan intends to explore how yoga can give fluidity and continuity to a solid mural.

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