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American artist Matthew Grabelsky creates hyper-realistic oil paintings, combining humans with weird animal hybrids and fairy tale creatures.

Princesses and minotaurs star in Grabelsky’s work, with surrealistic situations getting mixed in the modern world. According to the artist, “These paintings are not intended to be viewed as fantasy or as allegory, but rather as a blend of every-day experiences with the subconscious. They are enigmatic, and create dream-like worlds that invite viewers to form their own interpretations of the imagery presented.”

Influenced by his early studies, Grabelsky paints in a highly realistic manner creating painting works that look more like photographs than oil on canvas. Even though he places his characters in realistic locations, doing things we do everyday, his choices of the surreal creatures and “uncomfortable” relationships depicted, give the viewer a sense of  a sarcastic and critical artistic view.

via designfather

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