Bruce Louis for Art-Sheep

Every entrepreneur’s dream is to find the next big thing, that new trend that will conquer the market. In some cases, though, “old” will do just as well. Because neither Google Maps –around for about a decade- nor Pac-Man –brightening our lives since the 80’s- are new products, but their “marriage” is. And what an imaginative, bright and original match this is!

A maze-ing … Pac-Man comes to Google Maps
Needless to mention how fab these two products are on their own, but, much like chocolate and peanut butter, Google Maps and Pac-Man make an irresistible combination, too. Unfortunately, you can’t play Pac-Man on all cities, towns or villages but only in some of them. Google Maps keeps adding more but it’s unlikely, of course that the entire Google Maps world will become a vast running and eating playground for Pac-Man. Though this would be awesomely cool, there’s only a handful of places at the moment, including Paris (France), Saigon (Vietnam), Milan (Italy), Phoenix (AZ, U.S.A.), Rio De Janeiro (Brazil) and Tokyo (Japan).
Well, what are you waiting for? Go play!

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