Craig Davies for Art-Sheep

Junk Fruits and Playtime are two series of colorful and amusing photographs by French, Paris-based art director and photographer Arnaud Deroudilhe.

In these series, Deroudilhe plays with his food -literally plays with his food, as he photographs junks food combined with fruits. A watermelon-pizza hybrid or an orange-burger, look pretty natural at first glance, while Deroudilhe’s skiers sliding down an ice-cream cone look like peanuts inside the vanilla-flavored cream.

In Junk Fruits, the artist actually installs the food, while in Playtime he creates imaginative combinations of objects and ideas. Deroudilhe, still-life and collage are two artistic expressions that cannot exist without adding a little sense of humor. Sarcastic, ironic but meaningful, the artist reaches out the the viewers’ obsessions, guilty pleasures and deepest thoughts.

Junk Fruits

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