Holly Williams for Art-Sheep

What can one say about the ’70s? Well, probably a lot: the end of the Vietnam War, as well as the Spanish dictatorship, the first e-mail transmission, not to mention the giants belonging to it, such as J.R.R.Tolkien, Stephen King, Led Zeppelin, The Godfather and Star Wars; the list can go on and on. What else, however, one can say about the ’70s, is that fashion-wise it has been one of the most iconic decades ever. Don’t forget that the “Me Decade” has brought us: the hippie look, the establishment of miniskirts in the fashion world and, of course, our all time, boogie-favorite, the disco look, with all its glitz and gaudy allure.

It is really difficult to say who 1970s’ fashion has been the hardest on, but if we had to make a choice, then it would surely be men. Indeed, the gods of fashion have punished males pitilessly in this decade, by inflicting upon them all sorts of unflattering and abhorrently shiny garments. Inappropriately tight-fitting, ludicrously patterned, high-waist pants, extravagant knitwork and unbattoned shirts of the most deliciously tacky materials, are only some of the ostentatious fashion statements we delight in judging. On the other hand, you know what they say: Judge not, lest ye be judged

photographs via juxtapoz



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