A thing of beauty, often so small, that it cannot be aprisiated by the human eye, is understandably, neglected. Macrophotography is the extremely close-up photography that usually uses incredibly small objects or living organisms as subjects.

Don Komarechka is a Canadian photographer specializing in macrophotography. And his work is nothing short of spectacular.  His focus of attention is water droplets. He most brilliantly captures the way the flowers and backgroung are reflected on the surface of the droplets.

“All of these images are like little sculptures,” Komarechka explained when asked about his work. “Very temporary, and only become beautiful when seen from the right perspective.”

“I’ve always considered the essence of good photography to be the combination of both art and science; the deep you wave that mesh, the more magical the results will be,” Komarechka continued. “Water droplet refraction photography is the epitome of that statement.”

Komarechka understands that the conditions needed for his macrophotographs, don’t last for long. Almost always, only for a few seconds. He essentially captures beauty, that only lasts momenterally.

“Photography comes in as a secondary element to document the tiny sculptures before the water evaporates and the magic is gone.”

Before the magic is gone…



And some backstage