Anna Randal for Art-Sheep

Promoting a movie has always been a huge deal for producers, especially when it’s about franchises like trilogies or animation movies.

Unfinished Business, a new movie starring Vince Vaughn, has taken things a little too serious –or not at all. Twentieth Century Fox and iStock by Getty Images teamed up and created the most hilarious set of promo photos, featuring Vaughn and his co-stars Tom Wilkinson and Dave Franco. The outcome is a smart (pun intended) series of photos, in which the actors are photoshopped into cheesy stock photos.

The faces of the original photos have been replaced with the actors’ faces, mocking the cheesy essence and ridiculous deceitfulness of all stock photos.

We don’t know if the movie is going to be a box-office hit, but its promo photos are already an internet hit.

via adweek

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