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Hundreds of people from draftsmen to all sort of technicians and from musicians to idea men, working all for even the shortest cartoon in a huge studio compared to a complicated machine; and strongest of all: the impression of this machine speeding onwards “looking as if every screw inside were loose”. That was the account of LIFE Magazine’s visit behind the scenes at Disney studios in their 1953 article “A Silver Anniversary for Walt and Mickey”.

For a really great number of people of all ages around the globe the name Walt Disney is interwoven with some of the greatest animated movies, nay pop-culture legends, of all times. From recent blockbusters, such as  Frozen to the earliest classics, such as Mickey and Steamboat Willie and Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, Disney’s films have been governed for almost a century by what LIFE magazine has once claimed as “the Disney combination of action and humor, nostalgia and violence.”

In its 1953 article, LIFE magazine reported of “inventions of great complexity and ingenuity” and “animators making faces in mirrors to get ideas for the looney animals they are drawing” and, of course, provided countless Disney fans with the chance to sneak a peek at “how the magic happens”, with the following behind-the-scenes pictures.

via TIME

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