Holly Williams for Art-Sheep

Honest labels of any kind, sure are indisputably hilarious and greatly entertaining. In the case of comedian Jeff Wysaski of Obvious Plant, however, honest label pranks are really taken to the next level. From implanting his bookstore with his fake, hilarious self-help books, or trolling a pet shop with a series of crazy signs, the prankster is “planting” humor in the world.

In his latest prank, Wysaski has added some helpful touches to a grocery store’s aisles, by providing the shoppers with interesting tips concerning both the products and the shopping process. Urging them to “stay warm in the freezer aisle by rubbing up against other shoppers” or using the conveyer belt as a treadmill to burn extra calories, the comedian has definitely turned grocery shopping into a wholly different experience!

via boredpanda

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