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Greetings, my brave reader.

Joel Robison is a 29-year-old photographer based in Cranbrook, British Columbia. He integrates superior technical skills with excellent story-telling to produce a series of images that take the viewer on a voyage to another world. Robison has been actively involved with photography for 6 years now and considers himself to be a conceptual portrait photographer.

Real and fantastical are beautifully made indinstinct from each other in this photographic project where captivating visuals are created with a strong dynamic. ” I’ve always loved the fantasy world created by the minds of Walt Disney, Dr. Seuss, Jim Henson and many more and I enjoy putting whimsical elements inspired by these role models into my own work. I often try to tell a story within my photographs that allows the viewer to experience an emotion, create their own story, or experience a glimpse into my own ideas and dreams”, Robison says of his work.
So, if you fancy a trip to the mysterious world of surreal scenarios, my brave reader, take a look into Joel’s work and let your senses be mesmerised.