Despite the fact that English has become somewhat of a worldwide language, many individuals in many nations still have no knowledge of it.
And that’s totally fine!
You don’t need to learn a foreign language to communicate with the rest of the world, especially now that there is so much translation software accessible.

Despite this, many people seek to learn English.
And, because English is a difficult language, foreign students occasionally make dumb mistakes.
The “Engrish subreddit” discovers some of the most amusing blunders and puts them in their group.
In the gallery below, you can see some of their funniest posts.
You can also read our prior post here if you want to learn more.

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#1 Satanise

Image source: Flip-the-Grid

#2 I Also Crode

Image source: LittleBlueJellyfish

#3 Big Sad

Image source: knowoneunknown

#4 Unfortunately Misspelt

Image source: Defund the GQP

#5 Mhm Tasty Carpet…

Image source: Pfirsich00

#6 Ok I Am Just Gonna

Image source: billsaysno

#7 Would I Have Seizures When I Eat That Salad?

Image source: thisiscubes


Image source: QuincyDental

#9 “Frew”

Image source: notsciguy

#10 So Pregnant Women Are Incompetent?

Image source: jaebieoutbreak

#11 *looks At My Butt Suspiciously*

Image source: aliasif87

#12 While It’s An Obvious Mistranslation, I Feel Like Those Areas Should Become A Thing

Image source: TommyVe

#13 F**k You David

Image source: Any_Dress_4382

#14 He Is Very Distab

Image source: Proffessional_Human

#15 It’s A Misunderstanding . . . Jerk Store

Image source: Baller2869

#16 Any Ideas On How To Make One?

Image source: MagicAnes

#17 Coco-Colo

Image source: fuckingIPban

#18 Merry Christmas

Image source: ClinicalIllusionist

#19 I Need A Lot Of This

Image source: ginger-loving-asian

#20 Gotta Have A Backup

Image source: Psycho3333

#21 I’m Confused

Image source: Richman_Cash

#22 The Person Writing This Must Be In That Mood

Image source: Exomid

#23 Well, How Long Is It Going To Take??

Image source: RoughMarionberry5

#24 Yes Please

Image source: only_here_for_memes7

#25 World’s Worst Superhero Goes To

Image source: Exomid

#26 Children Approved!

Image source: LimeOperator

#27 Genital Reminder

Image source: vanshika237

#28 Reminds Me Of The Snake Island Soldiers

Image source: isuckl0lz

#29 But Can You Download A Car?

Image source: rumor247