Samuel Masters for Art-Sheep

It is a sad fact that air pollution constitutes one of the biggest problems in China. Every year, ambient air pollution caused chiefly by industrial discharges kills hundreds of thousands of citizens and it has made cancer China’s number one cause of death. That is why a Chinese company, whose purpose is to provide citizens with clean air, has found a very original and impactful way to protest and raise awareness on air contamination.

Xiao Zhu uses huge beams of light to project images of the suffering, suffocating faces of Chinese children on the thick smoke coming from the factories at night, accompanied by the simple, yet to-the-point slogan of the campaign, “clean the air. let the future breathe again”. Filmed in a one-minute video, Xiao Zhu’s way of protest was released in order to mobilize Chinese citizens, as well as the government.

via designboom

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