Who says that there has to be only one cover?




Text: Iliana Deligiorgi

The story behind Caitlyn Jenner and her Vanity Fair cover is inspiring, to say the least. Inspiring, because the message it tries to pass around the world is that beauty has nothing to do with money, sexuality, gender, appearance….it has to do with feeling comfortable with yourself. However, Caitlyn Jenner is not the first and only transgender person out there, whose voice needs to be heard.. And that’s what Crystal Frasier and Jenn Dolari tried to justify with their #myVanityFairCover campaign.

The two roommates, took over Tumblr and Twitter to let the world know that they support Caitlyn Jenner’s choice, but there thousands of different kinds of beauty out there, different from Caitlyn Jenner’s or any other beauty standards around the world. Crystal’s first cover mentions “I’ve felt frustrated and useless and overwhelmed by opinions on transgender women and how we’re ‘supposed’ to look if we want to be taken seriously. But not all of us adhere to those standards. Not all of us want to. Not all of us can. Some of us do, but only out of fear. Some of us do but we aren’t sure why”. 

The response from hundreds of social media users was immediate and not limited to transgender women. Now Twitter and Tumblr are full of self-made Vanity Fair covers by individuals that used Crystal’s different templates and the ‘Call me ____’ caption to post their own covers and show their support to this moving social media campaign.