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All images courtesy of Jody Xiong



China has the world’s largest population of disabled people. Chinese artist Jody Xiong and fine art products company, Winsor & Newton, aim to give these people the chance to develop their love for art by painting with their mind. The artist collaborated with 16 handicapped people-recruited via social media, to create mind blowing abstract paintings. The potential artists first choose their paints and have them poured into balloons which are inside of a box of large canvas panels. Then they put on a headpiece that connects to a device that receives electronic signals from their brains and process them, triggering detonators that are placed on the balloons. The device releases the balloons which burst and shed the paint on the canvas, leading to the formations of the paintings.

This project is a strong proof of how the capacity of human spirit is unlimited. The team behind this project is proud of their outcome, “we showed that although the bodies of disabled people are handicapped, their minds aren’t.”

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A disabled person and his work

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This technological headpiece helps the disabled man to paint with his mind-the result is breathtaking.

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Children create Mind Art as well


Four canvasses are assembled together into a rectangle


A diagram describes the use of mind-generated power in the creation of art