by Melissa Faithful

You know how fancy yet minimal Calvin Klein campaigns always are. Of course they are, because when you have super models and music stars in your campaigns, you don’t need anything else!

For their latest campaign, CK people probably thought, why don’t we recruit some of the biggest pop icons of today? And actually, that’s exactly what they did! Hip and fresh, the Spring 2016 #mycalvins campaign features pop culture’s young royalty. It launched on Instagram and consists of individual photos of various celebs with the words “I _____ in #mycalvins” overlaid onto each image. The concept is based on the power of social media and their ability to influence their users.

From Justin Bieber to FKA Twigs, your favorite stars pose in their underwear and reveal how they inspire them.

 calvin-klein-spring-2016-mycalvins-01 calvin-klein-spring-2016-mycalvins-05 s16_ckcoll_IMG_6 s16_ckcoll_IMG_5 s16_ckcoll_IMG_4 s16_ckcoll_IMG_3 s16_ckcoll_IMG_2 s16_ckcoll_IMG_1 justin-bieber-kendrick-lamar-calvin-klein-mycalvins-spring-2016-kendall