Jonathan Stone for Art-Sheep

In Yulin, the infamous festival that celebrates the summer solstice by slaughtering 10,000 dogs is unfortunately underway despite international outrage.

Fortunately, a few heroic figures such as 65-year-old Yang Xiaoyun, continue their fight to save these poor souls from certain death. The retired teacher runs an animal shelter in Tianjin and had to travel more than 2,400 km and spend more than 7,000 yuan ($1,000) to save 100 dogs from being slaughter.

People from all over the world have been condemning the festival that began on June 20, using the hashtag #stopYulin2015 on social media. Activists like Xiaoyun have accused the festival for its monstrosities and torture, while unfortunately animal cruelty keeps having supporters.

And while there are indeed people who continue perpetuating these cruel traditions, people like Xiaoyun are there to save the day and show everybody they should take action!

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