How would you identify yourself? As a cat or a dog person? If you favor a specific pet category then the answer is pretty simple. If you are in doubt then take a look at the list of photos with artists and famous people holding their precious friends, and decide where you at.

The decision is not that easy I have to tell you…



Are cats a thing for musicians?

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Keith Richards seems to disagree!

Keith with Boogie, 1971

The Beatles

Paul McCartney’s sheepdog, Martha, and George Harrison’s adorable dog

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or John and Yoko’s black cat?



Hollywood stars

Natalie Wood or Brigitte Bardot?

d445283ad7865c84fdf08dd1af7a5869 Brigitte Bardot

Bette Davies and Lucille Ball might be proudly posing with their dogs but cats look like they are a thing for Hollywood stars…

 Bette Davis lucille ball

  Mia Farrow

Mia Farrow

cassavetes with cat

John Cassavetes


Sophia Loren

ANTHONY perkins 1950s

Anthony Perkins

Hollywood also has a thing for Siamese cats!

jane fonda

Jane Fonda

clark gable and carole lombard

Clark Gable and Carole Lombard

liz taylor

Liz Taylor

Dog person Marilyn or cat person Marilyn?

Marilyn Monroe, 1946 7cda5e121014e0cb596eb96b8c63778c


Politicians appreciate loyalty, so no wonder they prefer dogs over cats!

Abe had a Dachshund! 372619820daee2bbe075e63f9e1d6917

Fashion vs. business

Coco Channel and her dog Gigot, 1930

Coco Chanel at Villa La Pausa in Roquebrune, French Riviera, with her dog, Gigot, c1930.

and Priscilla Presley with her adorable poodle.

Priscilla Presley

Artists vs. Writers

Wassily Kandinsky’s cat or Charles Dickens’s dog?

wassily kandinsky Charles Dickens and Turk

I think I lost the score! What do you think?