Anna Randal for Art-Sheep

Zen Dogs is a series that proves that being zen is first and foremost a dog trait. Photographing various dogs in relaxed poses, pet and wildlife photographer Alex Cearns, shows that our little friends can master the technique of relaxation.

“Dogs don’t sweat the small stuff,” the photographer told The Huffington Post. Capturing them with their eyes closed, as if they were meditating, Cearns believes that dogs can teach us a lot about being relaxed. During the photo-shoot, Cearns would wait for the dogs to blink, count the time between blinks and then capture the moment they would have their eyes closed again, with her camera. “To be honest, I can really only catch the photo if [the dogs] are relaxed and peaceful – so each photo is an authentic photo,” she says. Cearns is known to not hold back and take as many photos necessary, to get the result she wants.

The photographer hopes that these shots of the spontaneous and carefree canines, will help the viewer relax, take a big breath and will leave him/her with a feeling of euphoria.


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