Samuel Masters for Art-Sheep

They say inspiration may come from all sorts of places and in all sorts of shapes, and in the case of Elora Hardy it was from her father, in no other form than bamboo buildings.Αfter realizing the considerable promise bamboo held as a construction material, Hardy decided to quit her up-and-coming New York-based fashion career and move to Indonesia. Along with her team, she uses natural ingredient boron to battle bamboo’s main disadvantages: moisture and insect-damage, and for five years now they have been making a real change in bamboo construction in Bali.

Characteristically, Hardy states in her TED talk: “It’s a promise to the kids. It’s one sustainable material that they will not run out of. And when I first saw these structures under construction about six years ago, I just thought, this makes perfect sense…Why hasn’t this happened sooner, and what can we do with it next?”

via boredpanda

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