Craig Davies for Art-Sheep

Have you ever thought that a plastic bottle could be turned into a beautiful plant?

Czech Republic-based artist, Veronika Richterová, definitely did think that it was a possibility and created a series of transformed plastic PET bottles. By cutting, heating and assembling different bottles the artist creates beautiful whimsical sculptures of various shapes and colors. Amongst her “plastic garden” are charming representations of blooming cacti, roses and orchids, while their bright and particular forms gives them an impressive effect.

Richterová’s obsession with plastic objects started when she noticed how the design of PET bottles was changing through the years. She and her husband, Michal Cihlář, started cataloging the bottles according to their colors, shapes and styles, a hobby that resulted in a collection of more than 3,000 PET plastic objects, with diverse designs, from more than 76 countries.

via mymodernmet

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