Samuel Masters for Art-Sheep

I don’t know about you, but as far as my experience goes, doodling and writing on the chalkboard (or whiteboard for some) during recess or before class started was no unusual phenomenon for schoolchildren in my time. It was a fun and creative way to express oneself, pass time and socialize, especially for those among the class with an artistic flair. Such examples of “traditional” school chalkboard art, only on a scarily higher level, have been featured in chalkboard manufacturer Nichigaku’s art contest for the best chalkboard art in Japan.

This trend, that has become exceedingly popular in schools all over the country, focuses on some of students’ favorite subjects, spanning from sports and everyday themes to anime characters, and has produced a great number of very intricate, varied and masterfully executed works of art. The prize of a ¥100,000 gift card was contested by 249 students, submitting an overall amount of 50 works, defined by their uniqueness in theme and artistic style, as well as their impressive level of execution.

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