British artist Kate MccGwire, started working with bird feathers, when she discovered, near her studio, some fallen pigeon feathers. Since then she has been collecting this organic material and experimenting in order to achieve the play of opposites at an aesthetic, intellectual and visceral level.

Nowadays, the materials (bird feathers) she uses belonged to several British birds, like roosters, pheasants and magpies. She is supplied by local gamekeepers, pigeon racers and farms.

MccGwire uses the iridescent, patterned plumage of the birds to create serpent-like sculptures. The inky blue or spotted brown feathers, create a scaly look, that closely resembles snakes.

“…but revolt in equal measure. It’s really important to me that you’ve got that rejection of things you think you know for sure.” Mccgwire, who intents through her art to seduce the viewer, explained.

Also, the way of which she elected to showcase her sculptures is quite interesting. She used frames, cabinets and antique bell jars to confine the, and thusly creating an even more eerie and surreal atmosphere.

Kate MccGwire sculpture