Just because it’s a parking structure, doesn’t mean it has to be boring and unappreciated. Large plain expanses like that make the perfect canvas for murals and wall sculptures and Rob Ley of Urbana Studio went with the latter and designed May/September, an interactive art project that transformed the exterior of the new Eskenazi Hospital parking deck in Indianapolis, Indiana.


Using approximately 7,000 panels, in 18 different sizes/angles that range in size from 300mm tall x 600mm long to 300mm tall x 1m long, the result is a massive, interactive element for the city’s residents to enjoy.


They chose to keep the sculpture parts immobile, as a kinetic approach would require maintenance over the years. Besides, most people viewing the sculpture would be walking, riding their bicycles, or in a car driving by, therefore seeing how it changes depending on where they’re viewing it from. When standing to one side of the wall, you’ll spot the golden yellow panels. Move to the other side to gradually see the deep blue panels come to life.


The color and transparency shifts as you change your vantage point, giving the viewer a sense that the piece is actually changing. Depending on the angle of each panel, you get the illusion that different hues were used and not just one color.