Anna Randal for Art-Sheep

Jeremy Floto and Cassandra Warner are one creative couple! The husband and wife are the photography duo called Floto+Warner and through their work they explore the relations between light, color and space.

For this project they chose the landscape of Northern Nevada to shoot their beautiful colorful pigments, as they splashed water-based color across the beautiful dessert.

Using a camera set at a shutter speed of 1/3200th of a second, the photographers captured moments invisible to the human eye. The result is a set of images that depicts color sculptures that where created with liquid material, which the photographic frame turned into solid. Floto and Warner combined nature and art by creating figures that look like they are dancing on a ball they were never invited to. These colored creations alter the surrounding scenery in a way that was neither foreseen nor expected. This is what the artists also hoped for. The unplanned outcome of a work that had its own forming intention and for the viewer to be left with the choice of exploring and perceiving the work on their own.

The color Floto+Warner used was water-based while the amount of the water they used was limited to one to two gallons of water per splash.

Floto_Warner_01 Floto_Warner_02 Floto_Warner_03 Floto_Warner_04 Floto_Warner_05 Floto_Warner_06 Floto_Warner_07 Floto_Warner_08 Floto_Warner_10 Floto_Warner_11 Floto_Warner_12 Floto_Warner_13