Anna Randal for Art-Sheep

LA based artist Amanda Charchian and Chilean artist Jose Romussi, have collaborated to create a beautiful, majestic series of images.

Merging Charchian’s photographic skills with Romussi’s embroidery technique, a dark, sensual world that explores and focuses on the figure was created. Their dramatic and grotesque styling and make up create a mysterious atmosphere, in which the duo’s models are playfully interacting with each other and communicate with the viewer.

The use of embroidery in Charchian’s photographs and the eerie scenes she captures, create an extra dimension, where the inner and outer self seem to become one, presenting the beauty of the Self and captivating the viewer who is being drawn into a mystical, ethereal world.


blackskull spine whiteskull    CharchianandJRomussi CharchianandJRomussi1 CharchianandJRomussi2 CharchianandJRomussi3 CharchianandJRomussi4 CharchianandJRomussi5 CharchianandJRomussi6 CharchianandJRomussi7 CharchianandJRomussi8 CharchianandJRomussi9 CharchianandJRomussi10