Anna Randal for Art-Sheep

No, it’s not a geek’s fantasy, it’s Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz project, Splash Heroes.

This project features women, posing as strong and confident superwomen. The photographer used splashed colored milk to “dress” his models as powerful superheroes. The models were probably not intolerant -pun intended, as the process of the shooting was extremely tiring and time-consuming. Wieczorkiewicz had his superwomen posing and being splashed with milk for hours, until he got the right amount of images he needed, in order to be able to edit the desirable result. After shooting, he layered and edited together 200 images and created the finished photograph.

This beautiful, dynamic project, is a powerful dramatization of a superhero’s personality. The delicate movements of the bodies and their “attires” give these women a demanding presence that creates a peaceful yet empowering series of photographs.

via beautifuldecay


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