Melissa Faithful for Art-Sheep

Nike Schroeder is a Los Angeles based artist whose work is a complex combination of textile and installation.

Creating her palette with fiber, Schroeder actually uses fiber as paint, by embroidering it in an abstract way. The artist creates an imagery that is pictorial but also gives a sense of a space installation. The details of her work in combination with her traditional technique and contemporary aesthetics, have created a series of interesting, expressive artworks.

Her beautiful -often nude, portraits of women, include an intense eroticism, with their large size captivating the viewer. The artist has worked on the eyes and the features of her characters, in a way that functions as almost bringing them to life, with these women’s eyes looking straight at the viewer and their bodies becoming vessels of desire.

 IMG_1168 copy IMG_1170 copy IMG_1179 copy IMG_1897 IMG_3991 IMG_4042 schroeder.fleshideal_II