Samuel Masters for Art-Sheep

They say one can make art out of anything and that is probably the motto artist Kendal Murray lives by. The Australian artist creates beautiful tiny worlds, complete with tiny colorful figurines, as well as realistic flora and fauna on the weirdest canvases: compact mirrors, shoes, teapots, gloves and purses.

These adorable 3-D scenes springing from everyday objects, as though naturally having grown on them and from them, function for the artist as symbols of intuitive thought, little glimpses of a dream.Their construction is actually quite demanding, as Murray having chosen the figurines and objects she wants to choose in each composition, uses glue and tweezers to very carefully and precisely place them on her bizarre canvases. The resulting works are delightful, detailed microcosms that offer “the delight of the unexpected, the puzzle of a question and the possibility of a dream escape into make-believe worlds.”

 miniature-sculptures-kendal-murray-12miniature-sculptures-kendal-murray-14 miniature-sculptures-kendal-murray-11


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