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Nathan Manire is a New York-based illustrator and designer known for his special portraits.

In his Dot Portraits series the artist explores the facial features of his subjects, andĀ approaches them in a unique graphic way. Using large dots, Manire creates watercolor portraits that truly expose their proper form when the viewer looks at them from a distance. The beauty in this series is Manire’s careful and detailed work on the dots and how faces of people can emerge from these organized colorful shapes.

It’s truly admiring how each portrait showcases the expressions, emotions and personality of its subjects, and presents their character, even though they were all created with the same big dots. Dot Portraits is the perfect example of what can be achieved when skilful technique and creativity are combined.

Dot_Portrait_Annie_Nathan_Manire_Detail1_2048 Dot_Portrait_Annie_Original_Nathan_Manire_2048 Annie_Portrat_Print_Detail_3_2048 Justin_Detail1_2048 Justin1_2048 Lewis_Dot_Portrait_1_2048 Lewis_Dot_Portrait_Detail_2048 Lewis_Dot_Portrait_Layout_2048 Jude_Pixel_Nathan_Manire_Detail_4_2048 Jude_Pixel_Nathan_Manire_2048 Sophie_Dot_Portrait_Detail_2048 Sophie_Dot_Portrait_2048 Sophie_Dot_Portrait_Layout_2048 Framed_Print2_MarryEllen_Nathan_Manire_Detail3 MaryEllen1_2048 Bowie_CLoseup_3_2048 Bowie_Combo_Flat_2048 Lorna_Dot_Portrait_1_2048 Lorna_Dot_Portrait_Detail_1_2048 Lorna_Dot_Portrait_Layout_2048