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Joe Webb is the kind of artist who works according to the two most important things an artist should always have on mind. His idea and his material.

Webb is a UK-based artist who hand-makes impressive collages, using vintage magazines and printed ephemera and no Photoshop. Webb’s inspired collages, are works of a vision and of a theme. Commenting on social, political and racial issues, the artist creates an important work as an homage to pop culture, with his pictorial metaphors and correlations forming bonds between the past and the present.

For Webb time and space have “expired” and his works are small but powerful worlds that combine strange parts and natural disasters.

“I started making these simple hand-made collages as a sort of luddite reaction to working as a graphic artist on computers for many years. I like the limitations of collage…using found imagery and a pair of scissors, there are no Photoshop options to resize, adjust colours or undo. My collages work to a basic rule of sourcing just two or three images… with these I can reinvent the original scene to communicate a new idea. I suppose I’ve become fairly anti-technology… although I now promote my art on websites, own an iPhone and use Facebook…It’s confusing, I wish I had been born 100 years ago,” explains the artist on his website.

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