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Kickstarter is definitely kicking film producers in the butt, as director, Alejandro Jodorowsky is taking his business there!

And by business we mean his upcoming film Endless Poetry which has been officially launched on Kickstarter. The movie will pick up where his last movie, Dance of Reality, left off. Jodorowsky wants to awake humanity’s consciousness with his new project, as according to the director “our world is suffering from a devastating absence of poetry”.

Now, not only will the director make a film to change that, but he will also pay the backers with poetry. The film’s supporters will get their money back in a poetic way, as Jodorowsky will print paper money and checks and poetically sign them for each and every one of the backers.

Watch the video above and learn more about Jodorowsky’s new project.

In case you want to contribute:

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