The couple is known as One Ocean, One Breath. Christina & Eusebio Saenz de Santamaria, are record-holding free divers, who dive into the oceans of the world. This would not be some piece of news if the married couple didn’t have one distinct characteristic: They dive into the cold waters and sinkholes on only one breath. What took them to the next level was the fact that they capture their fearless adventures on camera. It is quite amazing what you can do with a Nikon D7000, the playful light of the sun and the water-provided you have a good set of lungs, of course!


The Mayans believed strongly that the Yucatan cenotes, these mysterious formations, were entrances to the underworld. Having this mystic notion in mind, the married couple took the plunge and had a go at it. The result was mind blowing. Illuminus angelic lights streaming from above and the two divers floating within. Not only were they able to capture the feeling but they also managed to achieve everything without an oxygen tank.


They shared their experience in the Yucatan peninsula down in Mexico with us:
Christina: “As I descend below the water’s surface I am enveloped by silence and solitude. My thoughts are focused on the present; my movements, my technique, the increasing pressure on my lungs, the sensations of the water slipping over my body. I cannot allow myself to contemplate the depths to which I am going nor the formidable effort required to return, only that I am being peacefully drawn and entranced by the deep abyss in a peaceful meditative state of mind.”


Eusebio: “My eyes are closed, my mind is focused, my thoughts are of my body as I plunge into the depths. I am aware of every sound and submerged vibration; the friction against the dive rope, the equlisation of my ears. With greater depth I can feel the intensifying pressure against my body. I sense the waters surrounding me are filled with life providing a sense of company. I am at peace, no one and nothing can harm me down there.”
Who’s feeling breathless?

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All photos courtesy of One ocean One breath