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The 20th century is a century of social and political changes. One of those changes was the women’s right to vote. A right that women fought in order to get.

The suffragette movement made the start of an eternal fight, with women around the world demonstrating for their freedoms. In 1897 the National Union of Women’s Suffrage Societies in UK, began striking and performing actions against the government and the ruling class, that were firmly against their right to vote. During the propaganda and anti-women campaign orchestrated by British newspapers and of course the government, a series of illustrated posters and postcards tried to educate men on how they need to prevent their wives from becoming suffragettes and why they shouldn’t have a voting right.

British academics of Female History and Gender History, Catherine H. Palczewski and June Purvis, found and collected many of those posters from the early 20th century. These enraging and disrespectful images show what men thought of women and how caring for themselves would mean the undoing of their children and their husbands.

After years of fighting, women in the UK were finally allowed to vote in 1918, with hundreds of them having been disdained, imprisoned and even killed defending the right to be seen and heard as equal members of a society.

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