Anna Randal for Art-Sheep


According to the myth -it’s actually a very real story but let’s not get stuck on the details here, this unwieldy building located in Willow, Alaska was built by its first owner shorty after a forest fire. After some years the surrounding trees recovered and the owners of the house, which had a clear view of Mount McKinley and Denali National Park, had to do something about that, as they wanted to continue drinking their morning coffee while enjoying the pristine view.

The owners decided that the solution to their problem was to add a few more floors to their cottage. We can’t tell for sure whether the trees were growing equally fast as they house’s construction or the owners had just gone obsessed with adding levels, but a decade later it reached the 12 story house you see in the video and the pictures.

No wonder locals refer to the building as the “Dr. Seuss House”. The design looks a lot like structures from Theodor Geisel’s illustrated storybooks.

The photographs below are provided by Jovell Rennie and Alaska Aerial Footage, who recently dropped by the tower-house to take some pictures of it, as its new owner is currently working on renovations, and who knows, maybe he’ll add even more stories to it.