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If you were afraid of heights close this tab and pretend you never saw the title of this article. Now if you keep reading, that means you must really like extreme stuff.

Even if you are an extreme person though, don’t believe for a second that what you’re about to read has anything to do with surfing or parkouring. Because even though wanting to test your limits and feel the excitement of jumping from a roof top to a balcony makes complete sense, moving in a house stuck on the side of a cliff is something even the most extreme person would think twice.

Australian prefab architecture firm, Modscape, created the Cliff House, a design concept for a home that extends precariously from the side of a cliff. Meters above the sea level, the house constitutes a threat to every acrophobic person. But let’s move on from the whole fear of heights thing, as the Cliff House is a true architectural jewel. Inspired by the way barnacles hang onto a ship’s hull, the Cliff House clings to the cliff’s edge, providing its occupant a thrilling view of the surrounding landscape and ocean waters.

Taking advantage of modular design and prefabrication techniques, this five-story beauty delivers a series of modules stacked vertically on top of each other. The main entrance is at the top floor while an elevator provides access to all the levels beneath. Apart from the perk of having a view like in the photos below, the house also provides a barbeque and jacuzzi area, connecting the house’s occupant with the sea, further emphasizing the Cliff House’s unique design as a natural extension of the cliff.

via mymodernmet

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