Samuel Masters for Art-Sheep

There is something about a vinyl record, that you just can’t help but falling in love with. Maybe it’s irresistible retro mood it creates. Maybe it’s the feeling that you suddenly become one of the characters of a suave black and white movie. Or maybe it’s just the sense of legacy: classic tunes, played as they were meant to, when they first came out. However, would you give up the ease and practicality of a modern day sound system for the record’s old analogue sound quality?

Well, it seems that you might not have to, as Roy Harpaz, an industrial designer offers you the best of both worlds in Toc, a small vertical egg-shaped vinyl record player. The designer’s prototype, made of  CNC cut Walnut wood and containing both a LED panel and a remote to control it, even gives you the option to skip tracks, making life a lot easier for record lovers.

via arch20

     Arch2O-Roy-Harpez_Toc-05-600x400   Arch2O-Roy-Harpez_Toc-07-750x400    Arch2O-Roy-Harpez_Toc-01 Arch2O-Roy-Harpez_Toc-09 Arch2O-Roy-Harpez_Toc-06 Arch2O-Roy-Harpez_Toc-02