by Craig Davies

“I understand that some believe that we should return to the surface of the moon but I have to say this bluntly, we have been there before.” – President Barack Obama, April 15th 2010

This is how photographer Neil Dacosta and art director Sara Phillips introduce their project Astronaut Suicides. A project that finds astronauts who live on earth, struggle with reality. The creators hope to throw light on how the job of an astronaut is not something to get jealous of, but something to admire, as the difficulties of the profession affect the person behind the suit.

Astronaut_Suicides_Neil_Dacosta_01 Astronaut_Suicides_Neil_Dacosta_02 Astronaut_Suicides_Neil_Dacosta_03 Astronaut_Suicides_Neil_Dacosta_04 Astronaut_Suicides_Neil_Dacosta_05 Astronaut_Suicides_Neil_Dacosta_06 Astronaut_Suicides_Neil_Dacosta_07 Astronaut_Suicides_Neil_Dacosta_08 Astronaut_Suicides_Neil_Dacosta_09 Astronaut_Suicides_Neil_Dacosta_10 Astronaut_Suicides_Neil_Dacosta_11 Astronaut_Suicides_Neil_Dacosta_12 Astronaut_Suicides_Neil_Dacosta_13