by Anna Randal

Maggie Storino is maybe the coolest mom on earth, as she knows how to make her daughters have fun and be creative at once.

Storino along with her girls, 5-year-old Sophia, 3-year-old Sadie, and 8-month-old Sloane, recreated the most iconic movies of the year in the most adorable way.

From Bridge of Spies to Mad Max: Fury Road, the family reimagines every 2016 Oscar movie, as they worked hard to get in character and make sure their transformation is believable. “We start when the best-picture nominees are announced and finish a week before the Oscars. It only takes a few minutes to take the actual photo but it can take a while to put together the sets. I try to pick pictures based on props we already own. So when I saw that the doorknob in ‘Brooklyn’ matched our doorknobs, I knew we had to do that film still. It didn’t matter that we didn’t have anything else for the set, including the blue door, floral wallpaper or window. I knew we’d figure it out,” explains Storino.

Titled Don’t Call Me Oscar this project will definitely make you smile!

The Martian

The Big Short


The Revenant


Mad Max: Fury Road


Bridge of Spies