Melissa Faithful for Art-Sheep

Do you know what it meant for a teenage boy during the 60s and 70s to watch porn? It was definitely not as easy as opening an incognito tab and typing your favorite porn site.
Before the 80s, which graced us with the VHS, people had to go to theaters to see some action. Due to their public viewings, most of the erotic films released before the 80s were pretty tame. Apart from their covers with the shocking titles and the nude shots, these movies were actually pretty soft -to be honest you could watch them even while eating lunch.
As for their stories, they were kind of sold out from what their titles suggested and as for the action, you haven’t missed anything if you haven’t watched any of them. Actually, most of these films became popular solely because of their “smart” titles, while some of the most successful ones are Flash Pants, Love In 3D, Hot Lunch and School Of Hard Knocks.