Amy Hill is a New-York based artist who has repeatedly exhibited her work in both solo and group shows. Her oil-paintings are heavily influenced by 15th century Flemish art but their contemporary elements give them their own, unique identity.

“My paintings are updates of works from earlier eras. I choose these eras because of my stylistic kinship with their artists, which allows me to carry on a kind of dialogue with them. Each era brings up a particular theme that I trace to the present day. I have chosen portraiture as it is a genre that runs through art history and allows me through poses, gestures and fashion detail to make social, psychological and anthropological statements about my subjects. Humor emerges through the juxtaposition of modern day fashion and historical figures.”Earbuds YoungWomanw_PaintbrushD4C9 YoungWomanw_CellPhoneFD82 YoungWomanw_BookC589 YoungWomaninNazcarJacket YoungWomaninJHJacket YWomaninT-Shirt


ManwithCamera YoungManinT-shirt RedSweater

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TwoWomenInside TheMessage TwoWomenwithKeys