“From start to finish, between cutting fabric, treating the fabric, waiting for the fabric to set, and sewing a single mask together, it can take 17 hours”


Colorado-based artist Stefanie Hook sells hand-sewn creations online through her company CPEX. She became a TikTok sensation after posting a video of herself wearing a black mask that changed color and revealed the Marauder’s Map from “Harry Potter” as she breathed.

She’s started to sell face coverings in recent weeks. The masks are not medical-grade, according to her website, but were created using the Centers for Disease Control’s (CDC) sewing instructions.

“I try to bring imagination to life in the creation of my products, ensuring that they are not one-dimensional items,” she said. “I like to give the average person the ability to own items that are unique, and bring magic into the real world in hopes to further inspire others to create and be creative.”

According to the artist, she often creates multiple prototypes after coming up with a product idea. She’ll then take one of those mock-ups and share it with her fans.


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