Things Even Potterheads Completely Missed In The Harry Potter Movies


If you’re anything like us, you’ll have seen the Harry Potter movies countless times over the years. There’s just something about both the movies and books that can bring you back to your childhood, while still being fun and a wonderful story even as an adult.

With eight movies and a whopping total of 1,179 minutes of movie packed in, there is a lot to find along the way.

We’ve been busy brainstorming our favourite easter eggs and hidden treasures here, and while there’s plenty that don’t appear in this list, we’ve broken down what we think are the most impressive hidden details across the series.


1 – The Philosopher’s Stone – Aunt Petunia is seen dyeing Harry’s uniform grey

In this scene from early on in the movie, Aunt Petunia can be seen in the back of the scene dyeing Harry’s school uniform grey.

She is dyeing Dudley’s old school uniforms grey for Harry to use at a less prestigious school.

This is something that is mentioned in the book, but never spoken aloud in the movies.

2 – The Chamber of Secrets – Ron’s clothes are visibly hand-me-downs

IN this scene in the Chamber of Secrets you can see very clearly how Ron’s clothes are much ‘greyer’ and more beaten down than every other students’.

This is because Ron’s clothes are hand-me-downs from his older brothers and everyone else was bought new robes.

3 – The Half-Blood Prince – The students eat Wizard-themed cereals

Throughout the series you can spot Wizard-themed versions of popular cereals such as “Cheeri-Owls” on the dining hall tables.

4 – The Goblet of Fire – Nagini slides past the Warner Brothers logo

As the credits roll at the beginning of The Goblet of Fire, Voldemort’s snake Nagini can be seen sliding past in the reflection of the Warner Brothers logo.

The movie then opens with Nagini sliding towards her master.

5 – The Philosopher’s Stone – Neville’s Rememberall

When Neville receives his Rememberall – a ball that fills with red smoke when you forget something – his Rememberall instantly turns red, to which he exclaims “The problem is, I can’t remember what I’ve forgotten.”

In the scene, Neville is the only one to have forgotten his robes.

6 – The Deathly Hallows Part 2 – Snape is still fighting for Dumbledore as he fights McGonnagall

As McGonagall advances her attack on Snape and Snape defends he is doing much more than that.

As he is fending off McGonagall’s attacks, he directs them in the direction of the death eaters around him.

7 – The Philosopher’s Stone – Harry’s scar is burning

In this scene from the first movie, Harry’s scar begins to burn as Snape is looking at him, leading Harry to believe Snape is evil and behind the burning scar.

In fact, his scar is burning because he is facing Voldemort, because Quirrell has his back turned to him.

8 – The Half-Blood Prince – The Horcrux cave is seen in Tom Riddle’s bedroom

Wouldn’t you recognise the Cliffs of Moher anywhere?

In The Half-Blood Prince when Dumbledore shows Harry his memory of first meeting Tom Riddle, a photo of the cave where he would go on to hide one of his Horcrux’s can be seen.

In the same scene, there is a close-up of seven stones precariously placed on the windowsill, foreshadowing his change to Voldemort, splitting his soul into seven parts.

9 – The Deathly Hallows Part 2 – Harry, Ron and Hermione relive all of the movies

This is by far and away our favourite hidden detail in the series, and one we absolutely did not spot ourselves. For that, we have Reddit user u/kenneth_kimmeth to thank.

In the Battle of Hogwarts as the barrier is broken and the battle begins, Harry, Ron and Hermione make a break to attack Snape.

In this run through the castle, the trio encounter symbols from every movie that preceded it.

First they encounter a troll (The Philosopher’s Stone), then giant spiders (The Chamber of Secrets), then a werewolf (The Prisoner of Azkaban), then a dead Lavender Brown (connecting to the likewise innocent death of Cedric in The Goblet of Fire), then they are attacked by Dementors (The Order of the Phoenix), until finally reaching Snape (The Half-Blood Prince).


10 – Chamber Of Secrets Has A Post-Credits Scene That Reveals The Fate Of Gilderoy Lockhart

Chamber Of Secrets Has A Post-Credits Scene That Reveals The Fate Of Gilderoy Lockhart