Anna Randal for Art-Sheep

Enough with the plain photo postcards you send to family and friends when traveling abroad; actually no one sends postcards anymore and it’s time they should, as Caterina Rossato creates the coolest postcards you’ve ever seen.

The artist creates 3D postcards by layering landscapes out of old images and postcards, exploring the notions of the traditional into the new and evoking the different out of the familiar, “I create landscapes made through a collage of other landscapes, combining images in which the sense of recognition of reality slips from one level to another and it is never clearly identified.

The series is titled “Deja Vu” and it’s a game between the idea of recognition and the sensation of recognition. “The déjà vu is a psychic phenomenon which is part of the forms of alteration of memories (paramnesie): it consists in the erroneous sensation of having seen an image or of having lived previously an event or a situation that is occurring. Although improperly, it is also called ‘false recognition,” the artist explains.

Her choice of making postcards could be perceived as a cultural statement. The vague, cut landscapes found in her works don’t have any voyeuristic feeling to them and don’t resemble to any specific place, making the viewer to think whether the image can be a good reminder of their experience. The question Rossato brings up is of whether -or how, someone can get to know a place they visit through visual experiences like looking at a postcard.

via beautifuldecay