Candy Heart Comics by Tommy Siegel


This is a series created by cartoonist Tommy Siegel. It presents candy hearts instead of humans. On their surface, important messages, actions, feelings and thoughts are to be seen. They are both witty and sad – a thought provoking combination. Tackling everyday social issues in a very direct, spot-on way. From meeting someone online, to thinking your date is going well. From pretending in a relationship (he uses that a lot), to reasons for having intercourse.

“I hail from Richmond, Virginia. But for the last ten years, I’ve been based in Brooklyn, New York,” Tommy told Bored Panda in an interview. “I’ve been a full-time musician for most of my adult life in the band Jukebox the Ghost, so cartooning as a serious pursuit is still pretty new for me!”

And about his relationship with art, he explained:

“I’m self-taught, aside from some drawing lessons in elementary school. I kinda put drawing on hold for a couple of decades while I was focusing on music, but returned to cartooning recently. My drawing skills increased dramatically in the last couple of years. A few weeks ago, I completed a challenge to draw a comic every day for 500 days! It was… an insane thing to do and incredibly difficult, but it definitely helped me develop a voice and challenged me to become a better artist.”