Samuel Masters for Art-Sheep

What do you get when you combine images of different eras, styles, content, styles, colors and proportions? That would be Sammy Slabbinck‘s surrealistic and often psychedelic collages and illustrations. In his series, the Belgian artist plays with the differences of various images, successfully merging them into an aesthetically pleasing and thematically intriguing final creation.

The artist states characteristically about his work, ”Mid-century advertisements have a certain look that appeals even up to this day. There is a sense of innocence in them that’s very inviting to work with. Putting these images out of their normal frame and juxtaposing them with modern elements can give an exciting and surprising effect. The characters in these ads can function as actors in the collage, and I, as the director, can give them a second life by putting them in a new surreal landscape.”

sammy-slabbinck-vintage-photograph-collage-02 sammy-slabbinck-vintage-photograph-collage-07

sammy-slabbinck-vintage-photograph-collage-05 sammy-slabbinck-vintage-photograph-collage-11sammy-slabbinck-vintage-photograph-collage-04 sammy-slabbinck-vintage-photograph-collage-03 sammy-slabbinck-vintage-photograph-collage-01 sammy-slabbinck-vintage-photograph-collage-20 sammy-slabbinck-vintage-photograph-collage-19 sammy-slabbinck-vintage-photograph-collage-18 sammy-slabbinck-vintage-photograph-collage-17  sammy-slabbinck-vintage-photograph-collage-15 sammy-slabbinck-vintage-photograph-collage-14 sammy-slabbinck-vintage-photograph-collage-13 sammy-slabbinck-vintage-photograph-collage-12 sammy-slabbinck-vintage-photograph-collage-10 sammy-slabbinck-vintage-photograph-collage-08 sammy-slabbinck-vintage-photograph-collage-09