Holly Williams for Art-Sheep

If you are the person that hates being stuck in traffic or maniacally searching for a parking spot and if your favorite way of going from place to place is your own two feet, then Adam Torok‘s new invention is definitely just the thing for you. In the spirit of folding bicycles and their undeniable practicality, the West Hungary University student, after his research’s conclusion that leg-powered vehicles are the most efficient means of transportation in the city, proceeded to design for his degree project, a product that not only solves the problem of cost-free transportation, but also that of storage: a wearable belt scooter.

Although initially designed as a theoretical model, rather an item ready for full-scale production, the 3.7lbs plywood and iron belt-scooter is carried, worn and used easily, and after its debut in 2014 Budapest Design Week, its creator is already working on his next prototype.

 belt-scooter-02 belt-scooter-03  belt-scooter-05 belt-scooter-06 belt-scooter-07belt-scooter-01