Tumblr blogger ‘VSE OK’ introduces us to miniature superheroes in absurd scenarios that accurately reveal their lifestyles and the kinds of relationships they would have with regular people like us. ‘VSE OK’ has been capturing the hilarious adventures of his miniature friends since 2010. This guy revives Superman and Bruce Lee, who wish only good for those in need; the Hulk, who tries his best to teach people good manners; the Joker, who’s hilariously twisted; and more of our favourite super and anti heroes in peculiar plots and everyday environments.


Bruce Lee Making Breakfast

Tony Montana And Flour Cocaine

Terminator Gets His Microchip Updated

Superman: Even If You Have No Clue, He’s Always There For You

Superman Is There When You Run Out Of Hope (Or Toilet Paper)

Superman Solving The Unsolvable


Hulk Teaching Good Manners


Wrong ET

Joker In Good Mood