Meet Mina Gerges, a Canadian student who has a really special instagram hobby!

For the past year, Mina has been recreating famous pop divas and their iconic looks using low-budget material that can be found in pretty much everyone’s house. Curtains, garbage bags, glue, sheets, all become glamorous in Mina’s hands!

His project @KeepingUpWithMina includes many celebs like Rihanna, Beyonce, Kim Kardashian, Lady Gaga – and it’s awesome! Here are his own words:  “@KeepingUpWithMina is a project I started on Instagram because I don’t like societal expectations that confine how we’re supposed to act, dress, or look in order to fit in. In doing these pictures, I found freedom from restricting gender binaries and learned to celebrate something I love doing.What started out as a hobby using my sister’s hand-me-down makeup turned into a liberating and creative outlet for me to turn towels, curtains, and garbage bags into celebrity’s most intricate red carpet dresses and elaborate photoshoots.

See for yourself!