Agape Charmani for Art-Sheep

GIF art is one of the most popular and upcoming forms of digital art. An expression that has been featured in media outlets, visual diaries, personal blogs and artist websites. The subjects that are used in GIFs vary from news commentaries to movies. Journalists, artists or just common people constantly explore ways to include GIFs in their work or just use it as an alternative to images, as this moving visual form is rapidly becoming more popular than them.

GIF art creations are usually illusionistic movements and changes in the shape of objects or brief stories that give an adjunct element to their subjects. Los Angles-based multimedia artist Kytten Janae, is not just giving an adjunct element to her subjects, but she creates neutral digital characters that have their own stories and emotions. The endless GIF prison they are captured in is just a reminder of their state and their extraterrestrial nature. These creatures become alive through the artist’s editing, even though their incomplete form is never going to transform into something more human-like. This characteristic is what makes these disturbing creations interesting and unique. Despite their lack of proof of life, they are indeed alive in a special and singular way.

These creepy but unexpectedly gorgeous animations, are a perfect example of experimental GIF art and the limitless options a young artist has in order to carry out their idea.

Enjoy, or be disturbed, by Kytten Janae’s GIFs.


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