Beavers in North America are the architects of nature.
They have an innate talent to construct structures that rival even some of humanity’s most grandiose efforts.
These impressively competent creatures also became the protagonists in a video game (the title is Timberborn, if you’re interested).

But this isn’t enough to explain why beavers are so adorable!
Beavers are one of the cutest animals on the planet, with their huge eyes and charming teething.
They’re one of Canada’s six icons, known for building dams and lodges in rivers and lakes.
The beaver fur trade was once so lucrative for Canada that Canadians felt compelled to honor this buck-toothed creature.
Canadians aren’t the only ones who adore adorable beavers.
We are, too, which is why we put prepared a gallery of beaver photos that will make you fall in love with them image after picture!

#1 I Rescued A Baby Beaver After A Flood Separated It From Its Parents

Image credits: RGFiddy

#2 It’s Not Very Common We See Baby Beavers! Mostly Because They’re Kept Safe In The Lodge, It’s Hard To Find Them When They Could Be In Trouble


Image credits: kawarthawildlifecentre

#3 I Took A Selfie With A Baby Beaver And He Smiled For The Camera

Image credits: drZomber

#4 Our Baby Beavers Are Growing Up Fast! They Really Love Sweet Potato And Hanging Out Together

Image credits: calgarywildlife

#5 Have You Guys Ever Seen An Little Baby Beaver

Image credits: sunnydae

#6 So This Happened Today

Image credits: hookd.on.killian

#7 Twigs The Beaver Kit

Image credits: nnisha

#8 Beaver With A Bee Suit

Image credits: timothyh411

#9 Orphaned Baby Beaver Can’t Even Control His Own Tail And It’s Just Too Cute

Image credits: Alberta Institute for Wildlife Conservation

#10 My Coworker Rescued This Orphaned Baby Over The Weekend

Image credits: psykokittie

#11 Baby Beavers From Northwest Trek Wildlife Park

Image credits: nwtrek

#12 Baby Beavers


Image credits: cscarignan

#13 Baby Beaver

Image credits:

#14 Displaced Baby Beaver Happy To Be Rescued And Rehabilitated

Image credits: Joannabooher

#15 This Young Beaver Was Brought To Our Hospital Last Week After It Was Found Alone In Byron

Image credits: lindsaywildlife

#16 Baby Beaver Invasion

Image credits: qwqwqw1O1O

#17 Meet My New Friend Beatrice The Beaver

Image credits: brokerjane845

#18 We Are So Excited To Officially Announce The Name Of Turtle Bay’s Newest Addition, The Male Beaver: Timber!

Image credits: Turtle Bay Exploration Park

#19 A Canadian Couple Spotted The Most Adorable Baby Beavers

Image credits: Cassidy & Rhett Fricke

#20 Baby Beaver Playing With A Plush Bunny

Image credits: Big Bend Wildlife Sanctuary Inc.

#21 Cute Little Beavers

Image credits: Tll6

#22 Adorable Beaver Photoshoot

#23 An Ontario Fire-Fighter Saves A Beaver During One Of Canada’s Biggest Recorded Forest Fires

Image credits: TriColourVinyl

#24 I Miss My Stella Baby Beaver Bum

Image credits: lferguson

#25 Can We All Just Be As Cute As Beavers Are, All The Time

Image credits: jenndwinter

#26 Buttons The Bever

Image credits: Coast & Canyon Wildlife Rehabilitation

#27 Feeding Baby Beaver

Image credits: jimmycarrsweirdlaugh

#28 A New Saskatoon Resident. Who Doesn’t Love A Baby Beaver Kit?

Image credits: saskatoonbaldguy

#29 Sleepy Baby Beaver

Image credits: nutmegacreswildlife

#30 Voyageurs National Park Is Fortunate To Have A Healthy, Thriving Beaver Population

Image credits: voyageursconservancy

#31 Beaver Momma Snuggling With Her Kit

Image credits: tanya_marie87

#32 Beaver In The River

Image credits: USFWS Midwest Region

#33 I Volunteer At A Wildlife Rehab. This Is Our 1 Y/O Beaver Giving Me A Hug Because She Missed Me Over The Winter Or Maybe She Wanted The Apple I Had

Image credits: Kiss_Me84

#34 A Baby Beaver

Image credits: blacksabbathrules

#35 So This Is What A Baby Beaver Looks Like

Image credits:

#36 My Uncle Rescued This Baby Beaver

Image credits: kerriechamberlain

#37 Meet Beavis, The Cutest Marine Mammal Ever, A Baby Beaver

Image credits: skunkangel

#38 Beavers Have A Set Of Lips On Each Side Of Their Teeth, Allowing Them To Carry Sticks Underwater While Holding Their Breath

Image credits: illiter-it

#39 Very Adorable Baby Beavers

Image credits: Rabbitruncircle

#40 Meet Shiloh, The Newborn Baby Beaver At Zoomontana. The Baby Was Born Dead And The Veterinarians Saved Shiloh. There Is Still A Slim Chance Of Survival

Image credits: McLovin1019

#41 Not Too Often Do You See A Beaver Asleep In Daylight Outside Of The Lodge, But Today The Adult Male At Our Beaver Pond Had A Couple Of Long Naps In The Shade

Image credits: saskatoonbaldguy

#42 When You Thought The Aloha Safari Zoo Couldn’t Get Any Cuter

Image credits: madmadhren

#43 Baby Beaver Gets Rescued, Ends Up Building ‘Dams’ In Rescuer’s Home Using Random Household Items

Image credits: Beaver Baby Furry Love